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Below are entries that have been taken from the guest book manually and entered alphabetically.  The guest book is updated regularly.  Last Update was 03/26/2002 10:15 PM

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1 Abdallah Tony Richmond Hts, OH 216-261-3277
2 Adamczek Jenna North Olmsted, OH 440-716-8352
3 Adams Jim Bainbridge, OH 440-543-1138 Keep your spirits up and good luck!
4 Aiello Bill Garfield Hts., OH 216-663-6432 The thing I miss most is working with all of you.
5 Alden Larry Strongsville, Oh 440-572-5138
7 Amore Carl Olmsted Falls, OH RUMO57@AOL.COM
8 Anderson Bob Whiting, IN Let's get back to making STEEL!  Remember (It's not over when you lose" It's only over when you QUIT!)
9 Ando Tamio Bloomfield Hills, MI 248-646-4621
10 Andrasak Ray Brook Park, OH 216-362-7729
11 Angell Frank and Lil Parma Hts, OH 440-884-8048
12 Appell Curt Kewanee, IL 309-854-6801 Hennepin Works 33 1/2 yrs.  Hope the class-action suit will bring us some consolation for the bonuses we didn't get.
13 Arnold Louise Warrensville Hts, OH Keep the Faith!
14 Atkins Howard L Brecksville, OH HWRD ATKN 440 526 5963 I'd love to hear from anyone in Process Control, Finishing Division, Jennings Road.  Especially all my PCS buddies who worked the Temper Mills, Slitter. Shear Lines, Pickles, Shipping, Box Anneal, etc;.  Give me a call, I will respond anytime. 
15 Auletta Louis V. Parma Hts., OH 440-842-1469
16 Austin Linda Smyrna, TN 615-223-6952
17 Bacik Wayne Cleveland, OH The "COUNT" says hello to all the friends I made at LTV good luck to all of you and GOD BLESS!!!! 
18 Baioni David Euclid, OH 216-261-1187
19 Baldzicki Ed Westlake, OH 440-899-8114
20 Balina Mike Brooklyn, OH Will definitely miss the people.  It was a real pleasure working with all of you.  Best of luck to all.
21 Banko Steve New Castle, PA
22 Baran Mike Medina, OH MJB152@AOL.COM 330-725-1658
23 Bartko Carole Westlake, OH 440-835-4688
24 Battaglia Michael Middleburg Heights, OH 440-239-8035 Cleveland Works Engineering Dept., DHCC and Cleveland Coke plants
25 Baytosh Bob Chardon, OH 440-285-4778 They got us in the end, just like we knew they would!!!
26 Beadling David Cortland, OH 330-637-6613 Best of luck to all
27 Behringer Deborah Brecksville, OH 440-838-5301 Administrative experience - Labor Relations/Safety--Hello Everyone!!
28 Belo John Decatur, AL 256-584-0012
29 Bengele Raymond Noblesville, IN. 317-896-2905 Was resident Met. Service Enginner For Indiana based in Indianapolis
30 Bentkowski Vic Seven Hills, OH 216-524-9438 After 40+ years with LTV and Andersen, the hardest and saddest part was to say goodbye to so many terrific friends.  Good luck and God bless.
31 Benyo Andy Vermilion, OH 440-988-8939 I guess I got out in time and I'm not looking back.  Best wishes to the many fine people who I worked with over the years.  LTV top management can go to hell.
32 Betler John Mt. Juliet, TN 615-754-7488
33 Bishop Kay Portage, IN Worked at the Harbor Works for 27-1/2 years in the Purchased Services Department of Central Maintenance and Planning.  Will miss all the great friends I had the privilege of knowing and working with. 
34 Bizzell Fred Cleveland, OH 216-451-2966
35 Blackmon Greg Gary, IN 219-949-9702
36 Blotzer Richard Parma, OH Tech Center - Electrical Steels Research
37 Boguski Chuck North Olmsted, OH 440-779-9932
38 Bollinger Rich Strongsville, OH
39 Booker Keith Brook Park, OH 216-433-4671 Great idea guys! Good Luck to one and all. God Bless.
40 Botkin Larry Griffith, IN I'm a retiree out of Process Control at the Harbor.  Any leads on insurance and /or health benefit packages would surely be appreciated...  I do know that the USWA local here is trying to put together a group of union/salary retirees in an attempt to get a reasonable health care package..
41 Boyd Sharon North Royalton, OH
42 Boyer jeffrey Seven Hills, OH 216-901-9697
43 Braden Lincoln Brecksville, OH There is life outside of LTV.  Good luck to all!
44 Brake BIll North Olmsted, OH 440-734-4224 I am honored to have worked with so many great people.
45 Branson Norm Princeton, IL 815-872-1013
46 Brennan Peter M. Rocky River, OH 440-331-4869 Security Dept., Cleveland Works & General Office
47 Brinkley Bob N. Olmsted, OH 440-734-2495
48 Britton Dan Schererville, IN 219-865-6625 We gave our Best and that wasn't good enough! Good luck to everyone. Keep in touch.
49 Bronson Jack Medina, OH 330-725-4537 Was having trouble accessing this site since my termination. Now that I'm here, looking forward to hearing from all my old associates & friends.
50 Brouillette Jim Grafton, OH 440-926-1479
51 Buckley Suzanne Rocky River, OH Worked for LTV 3 years as a full-time SAS Programmer Analyst. If anyone knows of any opportunities, please let me know. Thanks!
52 Burk Jim Lowell, IN 219-696-7930 Was a real pleasure working with most of you. Have identified a number of excelent dumpsters in NW Indiana. Contact me for an up-to-date list. Guarantee the highest quality in a wide variety of cuisine.  Bon Appetit!!
53 Bush Tom Bay Village, OH 440-871-7033
54 Bush Bill Bay Village, OH 440-835-1799
55 Cadwallader Dave Olmsted twp, OH 440-235-0406
56 Campagna Michael Seven Hills, OH 216-520-0951
57 Canepari Eileen Berea, OH
58 Carchedi Frank Brunswick, OH 330-225-9445
59 Cardenas Dan Middleburg Hts, OH 440-234-0676 Keep up the faith
60 Carlisle Tom Pulaski, PA 724-964-8686
61 Carter Bill Knox, IN 574-772-0567
62 Catsban Sherry Hammond, IN 219-845-6399
63 Cattren Gary DeMotte, IN
64 Cebula Cindy Northfield Ctr., OH 330-467-9585
65 Celedonia Frank University Hts, OH 216-321-2667
66 Chambers William Parma, OH 216-398-6162 Former Shift Manager Steel Producing East Former DHCC BOF General Foreman In the Steel Industry here in Cleveland since 1972.
67 Chapman Vickie Euclid, OH 216-481-7985 Safety Engineer CLWK
68 Cherney Rich North Royalton, OH 440-582-0180
69 Clark Ed Northeast Ohio
70 Cleveland William Medina, OH
71 Colletti Chuck Bedford Hts. OH 440-232-8707
72 Collier Cathy A. Brunswick, OH magnumbd1@aol 330-225-6597 Wishing everyone the best! God bless!
73 Collins Deborah Cleveland, OH 216-451-0097 Keep the faith!
74 Colombo Eugene Hudson, OH 330-656-0047
75 Connelly Pat N.Ridgeville, OH 440-327-4589 Cleveland powerhouses,Best wishes to old will all do well.
76 Consolo Carol Solon, OH
77 Cooper Richard Strongsville, OH 440-238-5835 It's not over, yet!
78 Copley Justin Griffith, IN
79 Costa Chris Broadview Hts., OH 216-403-3313
80 Criscuolo Martin Cleveland, OH 216-398-0251
81 Cristello Frank Boardman, OH 800-445-7473 ext 6030
82 Cross Rick Brecksville, OH 440-526-5507
83 Culley Ray Bay Village, OH
84 Cvelbar Jim Solon, OH
85 Cyrulik Gerri Medina, OH I'm not quite certain how you got my name, but I do have to agree with what you are saying here. We as Americans have to start getting our country back, away from the lobbiests, crooked congressmen, and just plain greedy brokers
86 D'Amico Michael Akron, OH 330-836-1343
87 Darus Holly Seven Hills, OH 216-642-9474 Hold on, hold out, keep a hold on strong.  The money's in and the bets are down you won't hold out long.  They say you'll fall in no time at all, but you know they're wrong, you've known it all along.  Jackson Browne, sometime in the 70s.
88 Dawson Donald Brooklyn, OH DDAWSON243@MSN.COM
89 Day Mickey Independence, OH 216-642-0141
90 Day Jeff Wyanet, IL 815-699-2371 Everyone get you letters sent to the president to sign 201!
91 De Marco Wayne North Olmsted, OH 440-235-8667
92 Dean Robert Parma Hts., OH 440-888-5373 What you miss most will be the people. Good Luck and God Bless to all.
93 Dean Ronald Parma, OH
94 Dean Janice Parma, OH
95 Dearing John "Tony" Medina, OH 330-722-2432
96 Debusk Russell Brunswick, OH
97 Dehlinger Edward Cleveland, OH 216-441-6756
98 Deir Amal Eastlake, OH 440-942-6187
99 Demerest Marcia Sagamore Hills, OH Thanks for all the work & info on the latest efforts to get salaried workers recognized.
100 Deneselya Robert Uniontown, OH 330-877-3397
101 DeNova Maria Bedford, OH 440-439-1218
102 Deptowicz Paul T. Stow, OH 330-689-0276  cell 216-346-6240 84" Hot Mill Electronic Repair Cleveland, Ohio.  After 34 yrs. Words can never be enough.  They may have turned out the flame in the sky, but they can never douse the flame in our hearts.  Thanks to all who made LTV something special.
103 Dewar Bob and Pat Avon Lake, OH
104 Dieffenbaugher Lee Canton, OH 330-494-6719
105 Dietzen John Valparaiso, IN 219-462-7992
106 Dingess Donald Parma, OH. WOODMAN2003@AOL.COM 440-843-8566
107 Dittmar Samuel Cleveland, OH 216-671-3234 Business/Market Analyst; SAS programming
108 Dixon Glenda Louisville, KY 877-345-2928 ext 1 RECRUITER in the Primary Metals Industry
109 Dobies Monica Olmsted Twp, OH 440-235-3674
110 Dobrunick Regis Parma, OH 216-398-9720 Hi Hope everyone is doing well.
111 Draganowski Don Demotte, IN 219-987-5655 After 42-years,1-month,and three days,LTV left me,I liked my job.
112 Dunmire David Medina, OH 330-722-0193 Prior work experience in the Cleveland Coke Plant,Iron Producing,Labor Relations and Central Maintenance & Planning Departments. 28+ years of supervisory experience in production, maintenance & staff positions.
113 Dunn George Bay Village, OH 440-871-0112
114 Durbin Mike Amherst, OH 440-985-2657
115 Dureiko Sheila Willowick, OH
116 Duricko Robert Richfield, OH 330-659-4534
117 Dygutowicz Patti Brecksville, OH
118 Dzunda David M. Parma, OH 216-375-4607
119 Eckes Chris Cleveland, OH 216-265-9092 Customer service, accounting reconciliation, sales, along with management experience. I'll give you 110%!
120 Elshaw James Brunswick, OH 330-273-2105
121 Erfurth Frank Portage, IN 219-763-1100 Please include me in all future "E" mail correspondence. Thank You.
122 Evans Werner Brunswick, OH 330-273-2573
123 Ezzie Norm Cleveland, OH 216-739-7779 log    it's all there!!!
124 Ferencz Frank Parma, OH 440-886-6230
125 Festor Sam & Conni Bay Village, OH SFESTOR@AOL.COM 440-871-1847
126 Fitzgibbons Sally Avon, OH
127 Flauto Dom Walton Hills, OH
128 Flores-Martell Anna Dyer, IN
129 Flory John Parma Hts., OH 440-845-6340 That which does not kill you will make you stronger. good luck and God bless
130 Fornal Don Grand Blanc, MI 810-695-4271
131 Fortson Kim Garfield Hts., OH 216-429-1258
132 Fouse Joel James Creek, PA 814-658-2967 Early Retired 02/28/01 41yrs. Aliquippa, Hennepin, BPR/SAP Project (probably what broke us), Etc. Watching developments with vested interest. Best wishes to everyone.
133 Franklin Joe Lodi, OH 330-948-9853
134 Fruchtman Gary Toledo, OH 419-537-1100 My company, The Kent Group, Inc., is an executive search firm. We specialize in the steel and steel tubing industries. We have worked extensively with LTV and were referred to this site by employees of LTV Steel. Please feel free to visit us at to learn more about us and the positions we are currently working on.
135 Garangio Bill Medina, OH 330-723-2473 Hi Frank Super - Call me when you have time.
136 Garforth Jack Rocky River, OH 216-986-2055
137 Georgeson Donna North Olmsted, OH 440-777-0852
138 Gerhardstein Paul Strongsville, OH 440-238-3525
139 Gerkin Sylvia Strongsville, OH We definitely had a great group of people at LTV.  Will miss everyone.  Take care and God Bless!
140 Gershman Michelle Lakewood, OH 216-228-9800
141 Giera Rich Independence, OH 216-524-0516
142 Gierman David Osprey, Fl 941-918-9724 Terminated 5-18-01, Area Supervisor, Carpenter Shop (Cleve, East)
143 Giffin Don Crown Point, IN 219-226-1267 Just looking around on the advise of an ex-employee.
144 Gilbride Jack Parma Hts, OH
145 Golding Mary East Chicago, IN 219-397-3117
146 Gongaware Valerie Northfield Ctr., OH Prior to 10/13 - last name was Faulhaber
147 Gotthardt Claude Chagrin Falls, OH 440-543-8482
148 Graham Eric Chesterton, IN 219 926-7848
149 Grant Jim Solon, OH 440-248-6042
150 Graves Stacey Strongsville, OH 440-816-0686
151 Greene Brenda University Hts., OH
152 Greiner Tom Brunswick, OH 330-273-1514
153 Greny Kenneth Sagamore Hills, OH 330-908-2035
154 Grubach Thomas Dallas, TX 972-660-6995
155 Grzybowski Greg Seven Hills, OH
156 Gyure Tim Elyria, OH Hennepin, IL - Dispatcher
157 Hall Winnie Cleveland Hts., OH
158 Harbert Ken Parma, OH 440-886-6622
159 Harnish Bruce Orchard Lake, MI
160 Harpster James LaSalle, MI 734-2414044
161 Harris Sandra Cleveland, OH 216-283-9242
162 Hartmann Jack Frankfort, IL 815-464-9449 Keep in touch. The good guys are the ones out of jobs!
163 Hasko Edward Cleveland, OH 216-671-4679 One door closes, another door opens. Wish you all the best. It was fun.
164 Hawkins Yakini Middleburg Hts, OH 440-263-7078 You will all be in my prayers.
165 Hawley Tom Chagrin Falls, OH 440 543-1553 Job preferences: Marketing/Market Research/Market Analysis. Prefer employment in the Cleveland-Akron area.
166 Hedrick Hal Chagrin Falls, OH 440-542-6130 Financial advisor in the Chagrin Falls office of Merrill Lynch.
167 Heflin Mark Strongsville, OH
169 Hodges Gary North Ridgeville, OH 440-327-1574 Good Luck to everyone..Yes, I agree, things do happen for a reason, and we will survive this. 99.9% of us will be better off !!!!
170 Hoffstetter Bob Hudson, OH 330-656-2092  330-650-1128 Probably just like the rest, looking for a job. Finding few if any who want a 60 year old laid off steel person. If any one hears of a job let me know. Wish all of you "guys" good luck in job hunting.  Bob
171 Hogan Maureen Cleveland, OH 440-951-1566
172 Hovan John Brook Park, OH 216-267-7783 First time on, so I am interested in what every one is doing these days. 
173 Howard Mark Valparaiso, IN 219-464-4809 Worked at the Bof & Caster in the Indiana Harbor Works Plant.
174 Howat Scott Porter, IN 219-926-6435 Hello everyone! If you hear of job opportunities in any area please contact me. Willing to relocate
175 Howse Chris Oakwood Village, OH 440-439-9060
176 Hrosik Mike Cleveland, OH
177 Huoke John East Chicago, IN
178 Isenbarger Roger Hammond, IN 219-845-5887
179 Jamieson Bob Cleveland, OH 216 481-5320 We're all in this together.
180 Janovyak Joe Sagamore Hills, OH
182 Jaworski Rick Hinckley, OH 330-225-4121
183 Johnson Gary Newbury, OH 440-564-5574 Though I left in October, it is very hard to see this happen to LTV and the people with whom I spent 20 years of my life. Good luck to all.
184 Johnson Richard Bedford Hts., OH 440-786-9846
185 Johnston Jim Avon Lake, OH 440-933-4272 Good luck to all;great website-thanks.
186 Jones Darrell Atlanta, GA 800-241-4399
187 Jones Kelly Bedford, OH Seeking Accounting position in West/Southwest Suburbs
188 Joswick Stanley Brunswick, OH
189 Kachelein Jeff Medina, OH 330-725-0780 Trust in the Lord to open a new pathway for you.  God bless!
190 Kalis Tom Valley View, OH Retired 8 years and the beat goes on..
191 Kapaldo Paul North Olmsted, OH
192 Karpinski John Macedonia, OH 330-468-6246 To old friends and new - it was a pleasure working with you.
193 Kasperan Jon Valparaiso, IN
194 Kavulich Deb Rocky River, OH
195 Kean Debbie Cleveland OH 216-459-0559
196 Kearns Dan Highland Hts., OH
197 Kelly Cheryl Livonia, MI 734-422-6099 Worked in the Detroit Sales Office for 35-1/2 years.  Just returned to the work force on Monday 2/18.
198 Kerr Jeff Whiting, IN 219-659-3851 While some see this as an opportunity, I think it's a shame the way LTV handled it's finances. I had 28+ years at the Indiana Harbor plant working my way from laborer to acting foreman in Accounting, to an OP analyst to a supervisor in the QC Met Lab. AND what do I get out of this besides a forced 'retirement'? Less than $950/mo not payable until I would've reached my 30 yr anniversary and PROBABLY much less than that when the PBGC takes over the plan IF they take it over. I wish all the other EX-employees from LTV good luck.
199 Kim Hyun Jin Westlake, OH 440-263-3346
200 Klein Doug Painesville Twp, OH
201 Klitzman Kenneth Schererville, IN worked at the ltv plant in east chicago indiana harbor plant.area supervisor,planning department
202 Klotz Darrell Copley, OH 216-642-2264
203 Kmetz Ray Cleveland, OH 216-281-7680 Good luck to all you guys.  Keep me informed on what's happening.
204 Knall Elaine Solon, OH 440-248-9173 Cell Phone: (440) 725-3133  Love to hear from you!
205 Kodosky Cheryl Parma, OH CAK6X@HOTMAIL.COM 440-885-5259
206 Kostya Michael Middleburg Hts, OH I would like to thank LTV for a couple of broken bones, a few stitches, failing eye sight, ulcers and asbestosis of the lungs.  I hope the top executives of this benevolent corporation wake up coughing blood.  Good luck to all my fellow union brothers.
207 Kotchkoski Bill Seven Hills OH 216-524-6938
208 Kotrba Gene 216-402-2513
209 Kowalczyk Thomas Hobart, IN 219-942-3076 I had nearly 22 years in Quality Control and Chemical Services at the Harbor.  I know that these are tough times for us all and thanks to those who developed this site.  I found it by reading an article from the Plain Dealer.  If I have learned one thing in my 50 years on this earth, it is that "Things will work out the way GOD planned for them to and not necessarily the way we want them to."  Best wishes to all of us, especially those with families.  May GOD bless us all.
210 Kowski Jim N. Ridgeville, OH 440-748-3042
211 Krejci R. Scott Cleveland, OH 330-225-3106 Dick Krejci 42yrs; Russell Krejci 30+yrs; Dee Krejci (30+ yrs.)retired; Scott Krejci 12 yrs at LTV Steel.
212 Kriner Beth Cleveland, OH 216-496-7716 I am planning on moving east towards the Philadelphia area. If you happen to know of any opportunities that way please let me know. Also if you would consider moving into the Philly, or Baltimore/Washington area let me know. I know a lot of people down there.
213 Kroft Gregg Brunswick, OH 330-225-6817
214 Krolikowski Margaret Shaker Hts., OH 216-283-7824 Hard to believe it has all ended. I can't bring myself to unpack the boxes yet. I loved the mill and cared about all of you too. Peace.
215 Krupka Tom Cleveland, OH
216 Ksiazka John Valley View, OH 216-524-2563
217 Kubacki Thomas Rochester Hills, MI 248-650-7952 Fyi, I recently started a new job at Dennen Steel as Quality Manager.  God Bless and good luck to everyone.
218 Kuhaneck Frederick Rockford, MI 616-866-8127 It was a heck of a run.  Time to start another. 
219 Kullins Roger Parma, OH 37 years of steel making in Buffalo & Cleveland is finally over...what memories! Remember, only you yourself can be proud of what you have accomplished...and that is what's important. Good luck to all.
220 Kundla Ron Hudson, OH 330.650.1089
221 Kurczaba Arnie I left LTV in 1997, and I pray for all those who stayed on and now need other employment.
222 Kurilko Stephen (Pat) Walton Hills, OH 440-439-8787
223 Kurowski Dennis Parma, OH 440-845-5530
224 Lackage Brenda Chicago, IL 800-323-9800 ex 6639 This is to all of my wonderful friends in Customer Service that have given me all of their help whenever I was in trouble....My Maria Manassa, Frank Super, Carol Cosolo, Betty Morris. I will miss talking to all of you and Wish nothing but the best for you in the future.
225 Laeng Bob Berea, OH 440-239-9916 It's been great working with everyone here. Good luck to all in the future and let's do what we can to help each other out whenever we get a chance. Keep in touch.
226 Lahman Jim Brunswick, OH 330-273-8539 Just trying to find a way to stay in touch!  Miss the days that I spent in the mills.
227 Lamka Robert North Ridgeville, OH
228 Lane Sharon Dyer, IN
229 Lang Anthony Brookpark, OH 216-267-4831
230 Langston Charles
231 Law Teresa Cleveland, OH 216-291-5278
232 Lee Chuck Cleveland, OH
233 Leinweber Fred & Jean Brooklyn, OH
234 Lewis Don Troy, MI
235 Lind Robert Westlake, OH 440-899-7212 Miss everyone...Loved working with you all...Good times and happiness will be ours.
236 Linville Pat Berea, OH 440-243-6614
237 Lipinski Jill Willowick, OH 440-944-0446 payroll and acct's payable experience
238 Litwinowicz Tom Cleveland, OH 216-351-8263
239 Logan Chuck Parma, OH Best wishes and good luck to everyone.
240 Loncarevic Mary Richmond Hts, OH 216-261-8733
241 Lozier Kevin Highland, IN A really nice guy looking for a job in the Greater Chicago Area.
242 Lui Pak Cleveland, OH
243 Luther James Parma, OH 440-886-3160 It is said God never gives  us more than we can handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so Much. Good luck to everyone, I miss working with you.
244 Lutz Paul North Olmsted, OH
245 Lynch Chris Cleveland, OH 216-581-8528
246 Mackoy Mike Parma, OH
247 Madar Michael Hudson, OH 330-656-2827
248 Maichrye Joe Fairview Park, OH 440-734-0728
249 Maloney Maureen Bay Village, OH 440-808-0947
250 Manassa Maria Cleveland, OH 216-241-9583 If you know me, hire me. Even if you don't, still hire me! Thank you...
251 Mangano Fran Solon, OH 440-349-3309 It has been a great pleasure to work with most of you.  If there is ANYTHING I can do to help, just let me know.
252 Marchese Bob Broadview Hts, OH 440-526-1811
253 Marek Leonard Parma, OH There's always a reason life happens the way it does! In the end it always works out!
254 Marshall Beverly Strongsville, OH 440-846-8066 Keep in touch.
255 Martin Jay Brunswick, OH 330-220-2383 SPO-Cleveland ...I enjoyed my short time (5.5 years) at LTV (relatively speaking) and wish everyone the best!  one door closes but another one is bound to open! 
256 Marva David Fairview Park, OH 440-779-1984
257 Mastandrea Marlene & Chick Green, OH 330-644-4081
258 Mastin, Jr. William H. Cleveland, OH 216-429-9166 Former LTV Steel employee from the Customer Service and Order Management group.
259 Matuska John Willoughby Hills, OH 440-951-5909
260 McCartney Jeff Cleveland, OH
262 McCloskey Robert Clearwater, FL 727-461-8084 84" temper mill recorder
263 McCon Pat Mantua, OH 330-274-2302 (Fire/Safety/Water Treatment @ CLWK) I agree with Linda Wickline - there is life after LTV (many of us had to prove it in the early 80's!) Bobby Dean is also right - what we'll miss most is the people! There are jobs out there - let's keep in touch and pass along leads until everyone is not only working but working in a better position than they left! And don't forget the hourly guys - it's not their fault either, and they need jobs as badly as everyone else!
264 McCormack Jim Willowick, OH 440-944-2850 Actor, voice-over artist (radio & TV)
265 McCormack Tim Fairview Park, OH 440-331-8583
266 McCoy David Brook Park, OH 216-267-6075 Enjoyed the great people I worked with in Information Systems area.  Good luck to everyone!
267 McDonough Jeff Parma, OH
268 McFarland Jon North Ridgeville, OH
269 McMillian Jennifer Chicago, IL 773-248-2213
270 Meinke Jeff North Olmsted, OH 440-734-2275
271 Meola John Canton, OH 216-631-8839 I worked in OSP Accounting and left LTV in April. I just want to wish all of my former colleagues good luck and best wishes in their lives. -- John
272 Merrill Chuck Solon, OH
273 Merrill Ed Strongsville, OH
274 Mertes Ken Richmond, CA 510-222-3519 Engineering Department - Cleveland Works
275 Micklas Thomas Seville, OH 330-948-4082 The past is done and cannot be relived. I'm so looking forward to the future. Good luck everyone.
276 Mikkola Al Mentor, OH 440-487-6870 LTV Steel was a great stepping-stone in life.
277 Mikula Cynthia Strongsville, OH 440-846-3005
278 Miller Brian Lakewood, OH 216-221-8838
279 Miller Theresa Richmond Hts, OH Best of luck to everyone.
280 Minich Timothy Parma, OH 440-887-0803
281 Miskowiec Paul Hennepin, IL
282 Mitchell Alexander Westville, IN
283 Mitiska George Sheffield Village, OH
284 Moegling Jim Seven Hills, OH 216-524-0398 Best way to keep in touch.
285 Moeller Dave Garfield Hts., OH
286 Mohr Gary Hudson, OH 330-656-5001
287 Molchan Dan North Royalton, OH 440-582-3509 24 years and 11 months at Republic / LTV.
288 Molnar Jim Strongsville, OH 440-238-8089 Thanks for your support that made all our jobs so much easier at the Cleveland Works.
289 Monschien Don and Kim Strongsville, OH 440-846-045
290 Moore James R. Brecksville, OH
291 Moore Joe Highland, IN Worked in Services Planning when I retired in 1997. Before that I worked in the Hot Strip, BOF, #1&2Tin Mill, #2&3 Sheet Mill, Slabber, Quality Control
292 Moore Lawrence Cleveland Hts. OH Catmarige@adelphia .net 216-381-2723 LTV mill worker lending support and a helping hand.What you once called your self when you worked for LTV. You're stilled called by that name. For we are our brothers keeper. One for all and all for one.We all sat opon the same shaft.
293 Moore-Boldy Lisa Strongsville, OH 440-238-7199
294 Morgan Michael North Ridgeville, OH 440-327-6970
295 Morlan Ron Parma, OH INSP@EARTHLINK.NET 440-884-9339----884-9905 QUALITY CONTROL GOOD LUCK TO ALL
296 Morris Betty North Olmsted, OH 440-777-2102
297 Motsch Mike Hennepin, IL
298 Murphy Michael Highland, IN AMEK1@AOL.COM 219-924-7938
299 Murphy Bob Avon Lake, OH 1-800-974-5155 Offering anyone assistance with their real estate needs, RE/MAX Premier Service Realty, servicing Western Cuyahoga, Lorain & Medina Counties.
300 Murray Al Chesterton, IN 219-926-3686
301 Mutchie Christine Strongsville, OH
302 Nape Jack Medina, OH 330-239-2506
303 Neimeyer Bill Parma, OH 216-351-3809 Thinking of getting a lawyer? call me, I have a lawyer who specializes in labor law.Do'nt let them win!
304 Neuffer Alan Solon, OH 440-248-0689
306 Nicoletti Anthony Mentor, OH
307 Nikollaj Gjon Hobart, IN You are all in our prayers.....
308 Ninkovic-Potochar Millie Broadview Hts., OH 440-877-0347
309 Nolan Dan Shaker Hts, OH
310 Norris Richard Canal Fulton, OH 330-854-6593
311 Novak Steven J. Litchfield, OH 330-725-6175 To those who I have had the pleasure to make aquaintance, I will miss you all.    I was terminated from LTV Steel on Dec. 10, 2001 after having worked 25 years and 5 months.    During my employment I had the opportunity to progress from a scarfer in the Bar mill to an operating supervisor in the Coke plant to Process Control Supervisor and Turn Supervisor at #2 Finishing dept. and for the past 6 years as a Safety Engineer serving and assisting 5 departments.  Along the way I have developed many useable computer and interpersonal skills and disciplines and would like to offer these and a dedicated, hard working individual to another employer.  For more detailed information Call or e-mail. 
312 Nowacki Sheila South Euclid, OH
313 Nowoczynski Robert Brunswick, OH 330-273-2286 Looking for a Quality Assurance Specialist position and utilize my 14 years of quality related experience (84 HSM Cleveland).
314 Oliver Ron South Euclid, OH 216-297-9780 Looking for customer service and sales positions in the Cleveland, OH area.
315 Osterhoudt Carl Cleveland, OH
316 Overton Jeff&Mary Medina, OH 330-723-1419
317 Owen Kent Westlake, OH 216-496-5820 Are we having fun yet? Good luck to you all. Gonna miss ya.
318 Owen Rick East Chicago, IN
319 Paisley Jim Chagrin Falls, OH 440-543-7360
320 Palinchik Mike Columbia Station, OH 440-236-8731 DHCC-Cleveland..80" Hot Strip Mill Roller-Salary
321 Palm Ken Hennepin, IL
322 Palmentera Roger C Seven Hills, OH
323 Papp Paula Mentor, OH   440-255-2651
324 Parker Carl Twinsburg, OH
325 Pastore Frank Rocky River, OH 440-333-2290
326 Patrycy James Strongsville, OH 440-572-2205
327 Pavli Bob Concord, OH 440-357-0770 Good luck to every one.  It's been a pleasure working with you.
328 Pavlosky Richard J. Brunswick Hills, OH 330-273-9524
329 Pennington Darrel West Salem, OH 419-945-1428 A retiree, who enjoyed working with a host of fine people for many years.
330 Perlick Ken Crown Point, IN 219-988-4237
331 Perlik Bob Cleveland, OH
332 Perry Jim Brunswick, OH
333 Peterson Retha Cleveland, OH 216-581-9015 Accounting and payroll experience.
334 Pflug Kenneth Parma hts., OH 440-886-1796
335 Phelps Janet 440-934-1601
336 Pinter Kay Olmsted Falls, OH 440-235-1716
337 Pogalies Roy
338 Pojeta Jo Valparaiso, IN 219-464-4686 To whoever thought of initiating this site -- it's a good way to keep in touch.  Pretty cool idea! Hang in there x-LTV people!
339 Polick Don Parma, OH 216-741-6473   Cell-216-548-4422 Cleveland Work's Area Supervisor Mobile Equipment
340 Ponting David Wickliffe, OH 440-585-0453
341 Porinchok Phillip Medina, OH 330-723-2019
342 Potochar Joe & Millie Broadview Hts, OH 440-877-0347
343 Potosky Lori Parma, OH 440-845-1679
344 Prendergast Jon Hinckley, OH 330-273-3890 Running for Common Pleas Court Judge out here in Medina County. Could use as many votes as possible.
345 Price Bill Brunswick, OH pricewd@aol 330-225-0678
346 Prosko Mark Hanoverton, OH 330-223-1771 looking for info about class action suit
347 Providenti Tom Cleveland Hts, OH 216-381-2403 Traffic Department
348 Quinlan Mike Cleveland, OH mikeq17817 216-738-1931
349 Rable David Parma, OH 440-845-2596
350 Radford Brian Hartville OH 330-877-1903 Customer Service Rep
351 Ramsey Kenneth Brunswick, OH 330-225-1834
352 Ras Clem Parma, OH 216-398-1019
353 Ratcliff Walter Brunswick, OH 330-225-2567
354 Reardon Dennis Chagrin Falls, OH 440-247-5021
355 Reed Steve Cuyahoga Falls, OH
356 Reed Thomas Bay Village, OH 440.835.4763
357 Reesing Debbie Hinckley, OH
358 Reinhold Ron Cleveland, OH 216-573-3607
359 Reiter Debra & C. Jay Cleveland, OH 216-251-2936
360 Reust Nancy Cleveland, OH 440-235-0390
361 Richard Bob Cleveland, OH 216-621-0922
362 Rieseck Jim Columbia Station, OH 440-236-3608
363 Roach Leo Olmsted Falls, OH 440-235-3570
364 Roberton Sherri Avon, OH 440-937-1839
366 Romanauski Clarence North Olmsted, OH Ship It,Its ok to coat
367 Ross Richard E. Monroe, OH 513-539-0936 An old transplant from Indiana Harbor
368 Ruggeri Joan Indiana
369 Runyan Linda Whiting, IN
370 Santell Richard Westlake, OH 440-899-0238
371 Schrader Bill Westlake, OH 440-734-8174 Excellent experience in construction management, scheduling, building installation, project management, etc.
372 Schroeder James Parma, OH 440-843-5925
373 Schuck Tom & Diane Parma, OH 440-885-0557 This website will definitely find us the road to better jobs. Together we will prevail.
374 Schultes Tera Southfield, MI
375 Schultze Bob Hammond, IN
376 Scott Diane Olmsted Twp., OH 440-235-8564 Just wanted to make sure to thank all of you with whom I had contact as Operations Coordinator at LSE. I look forward to staying in contact. If there is any way I can be of help to you, don't hesitate to call. Thanks for the memories.
377 Scott Jerry North Royalton, OH IRONJERRY@MSN,COM 440-237-2082 There is life after LTV and bad things can happen to good people God Bless
378 Seitz Bill Middleburg Hts., OH 216-267-4290
379 Semuniak Joe Cleveland, OH RJESONOSKY@AOL.COM 216-398-0479
380 Semuniak William Broadview Hts., OH 440-546-0238
381 Seuffert Ron Broadview Hts., OH 440-230-1006
382 Sieckowski Bob Brunswick OH 330-225-7716 good luck to everyone....keep in touch
383 Sinnott Steve Cleveland, OH 330-562-6129
384 Skoczen Linda Northfield, OH 330-467-0373 ldw: 11-30-01 experience:  Personnel Dept & Mason, Labor, HVAC, Pipe shop expeditor-clerk
385 Slota George Pittsburgh. PA 1-412-366-8398 new address- 2402 Traci Drive, Pittsburgh, PA  15237
386 Smith Rick New Brighton , PA 724-384-1401 This site was a great idea ...thanks and those who made this possible. Happy Holidays to all. I am a full time Realtor with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services ...Happy to help you any way I can...good luck to all
387 Smith Camille Euclid, OH
388 Smith Peggy Cleveland, OH 216-251-7183 Experienced in finance and credit areas.  Please write or call.  Thank you!
389 Smuts William Brecksville, Ohio
390 Snow Rose Cleveland, OH 216-749-0130 Retired Salary Worker
391 Snyder John Parma, OH 440-843-8832
392 Snyderburn Larry Streetsboro, OH 330-653-6818
393 Soltis John North Ridgeville, OH 440-327-0299
394 Somogyi Frank Wellington, OH 440-774-3074 Miss all the good people I worked with and looking for that life after LTV.
395 Spirko Steve Sheffield Village, OH 440-934-1224
396 Spirko Bob Sheffield Lake, OH 440-949-8235
397 Spirko James Medina, OH 330-721-7711
398 Spurlock Tom Highland, IN
399 Stachowski Jackie Eaton Rapids, MI I feel like I grew up with LTV.
400 Stafford Bill Cleveland, OH
401 Stannert sr. Jim North Olmsted, OH
402 Staresina Kenneth Ypsilanti, MI 734-572-0618
403 Stark Jerry Cleveland, OH Nice Site! There is life after LTV!
404 Stefanowicz Earl Brunswick, OH 330-273-3585 Still working till the final "last one out, shut off the lights".  After that, moving to Fla. for good( I hope.)  It has been a pleasure knowing a lot of you and good luck with whatever happens.
405 Stone Wally Cleveland, OH 216-251-6042 I miss all of you.  I can only say that a bonus paid to top executives to stick around during the bankruptcy may have been done at other companys in the same boat, but that still doesn't make it right!!!!!!!!!
406 Stoner Larry Spring Valley, IL 815-663-1167
407 Stoyka Jim Lakewood, OH 216-521-6897
408 Stumpf Ronald Strongsville, OH RONALDSTUMPF@MSN.COM 440-238-9172
409 Sudac Kevin Griffith,. IN 219-922-8482 Resume available upon request.  Offer experience in many areas.  Thank you!
410 Super Frank Parma, OH 440-885-0095
411 Surovek Thomas Hammond, IN Thank you for setting this up.
412 Surovey Tom Strongsville, OH 440-238-5049 God Bless all my frieds at LTV, I am proud and honored to say "I am your friend".
413 Svihlik Chuck Broadview Hts, OH
414 Sweet Dick Hudson, OH 330-650-6975
415 Sykora Tindal Pat North Royalton, OH 440-582-8338 Last position @LTV was at Iron Producing Dept. as a salaried, Admin. Assistant. (15 yrs. Service)  Prev. depts were DHCC, #1 Caster & 84" Hot Strip Mill.
416 Synk Steve Parma, OH 440-884-2317
417 Szabo Andy Strongsville, OH
418 Tama Myron Cleveland, OH
419 Terpay Jim Novelty, OH
420 Themelis George Brecksville OH 440-838-4752 Worked at Technology Center
421 Thiel Rick Lowell, IN 219-696-5519
422 Thomas George Des Plaines, IL Worked at the Indiana Harbor Works 84" HSM as Elec. Area Process Engineer at the coiler end.
423 Thompson Allen North Royalton, OH 440-582-8405 Cleveland Works Accounting Department
424 Tindira TR No. Royalton, Ohio
425 Tishko Steve Strongsville, OH
426 Tolbert Robert Lexington, KY 859-273-3222 Good luck to all the former LTVers.
427 Tonclar Joe Parma, OH 440-845-3393 On to the next phase of our careers
428 Tramba Rich Seven Hills, OH 216-524-7594
429 Trichak Andy Chicago, IL 773-721-2959
430 Triller Glenn Lansing, MI 708-474-2419 HELP, I NEED A JOB BAD! Electrical maintenance supervisor or electrical maintenance hourly.
431 Truppo Arnold Cleveland, OH 330-220-6391
432 Tsai-Miller Doris Middleburg Hts, OH
433 Uehlinger Bill Akron, OH 330-836-4295
434 Ullemeyer David Eastlake, OH
435 Upton Edwin Akron, OH 330-665-3165 It was great working with all of you.  Don't despair, the future will be bright.     
436 Urban Mike Strongsville, OH
437 Vail Jack Chagrin Falls, OH 440-247-1643
438 Vanderveer Bill (Van) Cincinnati, OH 513-683-1574
439 Vasas Joe Cleveland, OH 216-939-0691 2201 West 98th St., Apt. 1.  Prefer a phone call or regular mail if someone knows of a job in the delivery, retail, or warehousing arenas.  Thank you.  God bless America and all my friends at LTV!  "Joe the mail carrier"
440 Votruba Jim Avon Lake, OH 440-993-2093
441 Wadsworth Eric Richfield, OH
442 Wagner Joe Demotte, IN
443 Wahl Jack Broadview Hts, OH 440-526-8472
444 Ward Micheal Lakewood, OH WARDM569@AOL.COM 216-228-6963 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
445 Ward George Olmsted Falls, OH 440-235-9692 Prefer a phone call or regular mail.  Thank you!  8760 Yellowstone Parkway
446 Ward George Olmsted, OH 440-235-9692 Change Information
447 Warner Julie Akron, OH 330-794-8685
448 Warren Bob Princeton IL 815-875-1023
449 Warthling Paul Wakeman, OH
450 Watson Thomas Warrensville Hts., OH 216-378-0375
451 Waugaman Tracey Broadview Hts, OH
452 Weaver Sandi N Olmsted, OH 440-777-1037
453 Webb William Parma, OH 440-888-7620
454 Weglo John Schererville, IN 219-365-4061
455 Weiner Sharon Parma, OH 440-842-7580
456 Weinman Luke Portage, IN 219-763-3879 IHW, Area Process Engineer
457 Weinzetl Bob Fairview Park, OH 440-777-1229 Last day was 11/30 with Pittsburgh Logistics (LTV Traffic) Miss seeing everyone, Any info on Traffic/Transportation Please let me know
458 Welch Denny Sagamore Hills, OH 330-342-4644 It's been a great run while it lasted. Best of luck to all.
459 Welch Mark B. Cleveland, OH 216-766-4855 We grow in Response to Adversity! Thanks for the fond memories, a Quarter CENTURY WORTH.   
460 Welsch Larry Hobart, IN MRLWW@AOL.COM 219-942-0350 I am interested in insurance coverage and what is happening with other former employees.
461 Whipkey Don Cleveland, OH 216-661-2173
462 Wickline Linda Vermilion, OH There is life after LTV - have faith!
463 Wiktorowski Thomas Parma Heights, OH 440-842-6461
464 Williams Brian Detroit, MI
465 Wilson Scott Chicago, IL
466 Winkler Hal Westlake, OH 440-871-8520
467 Wodzisz Ron Parma, OH 440-886-2910
468 Wojociechowski Larry Painesville Twp., OH 440-639-0830
469 Woods Robert Merrillville, IN MWOODS1017@AOL.COM WISH EVERYONE WELL. GOD BLESS US!!!!
470 Woods James Sagamore Hills, OH 330-468-2622 Things will not be the same but life goes on !!!!!!!
471 Woodworth Karen Brook Park, OH 216-267-3129 Address: 14414 Fayette Blvd.
472 Woolard Dave Sagamore Hills, OH 216-225-6271 It was a great 25 years. I'll miss everyone. Good luck and best wishes to everyone in your future endeavors!!! As Frank said it best "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."
473 Yates Ron Brentwood, TN 615-221-1020
474 Yost Joe Hudson, Ohio 330-655-7602
475 Ziegman Ronald Avon, OH 440-934-1480
476 Ziol Don Rocky River, OH 440-331-7698